A Survey on Data-Driven Evaluation of Competencies and Capabilities Across Multimedia Environments

The rapid evolution of technology directly impacts the skills and jobs needed in the next decade. Users can, intentionally or unintentionally, develop different skills by creating, interacting with, and consuming the content from online environments and portals where informal learning can emerge. These environments generate large amounts of data; therefore, big data can have a significant impact on education. Moreover, the educational landscape has been shifting from a focus on contents to a focus on competencies and capabilities that will prepare our society for an unknown future during the 21st century. Therefore, the main goal of this literature survey is to examine diverse technology-mediated environments that can generate rich data sets through the users’ interaction and where data can be used to explicitly or implicitly perform a data-driven evaluation of different competencies and capabilities. We thoroughly and comprehensively surveyed the state of the art to identify and analyse digital environments, the data they are producing and the capabilities they can measure and/or develop. Our survey revealed four key multimedia environments that include sites for content sharing & consumption, video games, online learning and social networks that fulfilled our goal. Moreover, different methods were used to measure a large array of diverse capabilities such as expertise, language proficiency and soft skills. Our results prove the potential of the data from diverse digital environments to support the development of lifelong and lifewide 21st-century capabilities for the future society.
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International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
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