Focus and Scope

Topics covered by IJIMAI include but are not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI and Multimedia techniques for enhanced accesibility systems.
  • AI in Games.
  • AI for Software Engineering.
  • AI for Ubiquitous Computing.
  • AI for Web Intelligence Applications.
  • AI Parallel Processing Tools (hardware/software).
  • AI Tools for CAD and VLSI
  • AI Tools for Computer Vision and Speech Understanding.
  • AI Tools for Multimedia, Cognitive Informatics.
  • AI components for Service Oriented Arquitectures (SOA).
  • Neural Networks for AI.
  • Fuzzy logic systems.
  • Case base reasoning systems.
  • Heuristic and AI Planning Strategies and Tools.
  • Natural Language Understanding.

Data Mining and Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge-Based/Expert Systems.
  • Knowledge Management and Processing Tools.
  • Knowledge Representation Languages.
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools.

Semantic Web, Web Services an Networks

  • Semantic Web.
  • Semantic Reasoners.
  • Semantic web services.
  • Upper ontologies.

Interactive Multimedia

  • Visual Perception.
  • Analysis/Design/Testing.
  • Social networks.
  • Human Computer Interactions.
  • User Experience.

Special Topics

  • Multimedia and artificial intelligence components for Bioinformatics systems.
  • Intelligent Services (Rule based systems). ILOG / JESS / MS Business Rules / Yasu technologies.
  • OpenCyc in real applications.
  • Reasoning using belief networks (MSBNx, GENIE, BNJ, Weka, etc...).

Special Issues

  • Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Economics (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED) [more info].
  • Special Issue on Computer Vision and Visual Analytics for Smart World (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED) [more info] Notification for authors: Important dates have changed: author notification on 24 March 2022; revised papers submission on 1 May 2022; final acceptance on 18 June 2022.
  • Special Issue on Multimedia Steaming and Processing in Internet of Things with Edge Intelligence (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED) [more info].
  • Special Issue on AI-driven Algorithms and Applications in the Dynamic and Evolving Environments [more info].

IJIMAI welcomes submissions of scientific papers, which will be peer-reviewed. These articles should be prepared following the journal's official format and submitted through the official online submission system (Author Guidelines). Scientific research papers make up the core of the issues of IJIMAI. IJIMAI also considers less technical and shorter articles for inclusion, as opinion articles and letters, which can help the scientific community to reflect, discuss or encourage debate and joint work in certain areas. These shorter articles should also be prepared following the journal's official format, but should not be submitted through the official submissions webpage, but sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief. These types of papers will not be peer-reviewed. The Editorial Board will decide on the inclusion of these articles. We encourage readers to register now.

IJIMAI welcomes proposals for Special Issues on topics within the scope of the journal. Follow these instructions to sumit your proposal.