A Hybrid Secure Cloud Platform Maintenance Based on Improved Attribute-Based Encryption Strategies

In the modern era, Cloud Platforms are the most needed port to maintain documents remotely with proper security norms. The concept of cloud environments is similar to the network channel. Still, the Cloud is considered the refined form of network, in which the data can easily be stored into the server without any range restrictions. The data maintained into the remote server needs a high-security feature, and the processing power of data should be high to retrieve the data back from the respective server. In the past, there were several security schemes available to protect the remote cloud server reasonably. However, the attack possibilities over the cloud platform remain; only all the researchers continuously work on this platform without any delay. This paper introduces a hybrid data security scheme called the Improved Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme (IABES). This IABES combines two powerful data security algorithms: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) algorithm. These two algorithms are combined to provide massive support to the proposed approach of data maintenance over the remote cloud server with high-end security norms. This hybrid data security algorithm assures the data cannot be attacked over the server by the attacker or intruder in any case because of its robustness. The essential generation process generates a credential for the users. It cannot be identified or visible to anyone as well as the generated certificates cannot be extracted even if the corresponding user forgets the credentials. The only way to get back the certification is resetting the credential. The obtained results prove the accuracy level of the proposed cypher security schemes compared with the regular cloud security management scheme, and the proposed algorithm essential generation process is unique. No one can guess or acquire it. Even the person may be the service provider or server administrator. For all, the proposed system assures data maintenance over the cloud platform with a high level of security and robustness in Quality of Service.
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