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The International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence - IJIMAI (ISSN 1989 - 1660) is a quarterly journal which provides an interdisciplinary forum in which scientists and professionals can share their research results and report new advances on artificial intelligence tools, theory, methodologies, systems, architectures integrating multiple technologies, problems including demonstrations of effectiveness, or tools that use AI with interactive multimedia techniques.

IJIMAI 2022 - Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in Economics, Finance and Business - Vol. 7 Issue 3

  • Year: 2022
  • Vol: 7
  • Number: 3

Machine learning (ML) is generating new opportunities for innovative research in areas apparently unrelated such as, economics, business or/and finance. Specifically, it has also been widely used in applications related to the economic and financial analysis, such as economic recessions prediction, labor market trends, risk management, prices analysis among others. However, it is important to note the differences between classical statistics/econometrics and machine learning.

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