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The Road to Qatar: Can Vietnam's Football Team Make It to the World Cup?


With one year until the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, which will be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Vietnam's football team can still make it to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, even though they have yet to qualify in this new format. This will not be an easy task, however; the Vietnamese team has many issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible if they are to advance to Qatar. Fore football updates visit 8Xbet.


Take it slow

The national team has made good progress recently, but they still have a way to go. Because their domestic league is not very strong and sponsors are difficult to come by, it will be hard for Vietnamese players to maintain their skills and keep up with international opponents. To make it into 2022, they’ll need a lot of time—and a lot of money—to train.


You are not alone

Vietnam is still a long way from being a soccer powerhouse, but it’s been slowly making some progress. The squad has already won one match in 2018 World Cup qualifying and is holding steady in its group at 1-2-0. Despite these small victories, there are still plenty of challenges ahead if Vietnam wants to reach its goal of making it to 2022. To do so, they will have to overcome their opponents on and off the field—and convince FIFA that they deserve a spot in what will be an expanded tournament for only the second time ever.


Work towards a goal, but don’t expect overnight success

There are several things that it’s crucial to keep in mind when playing football, including discipline, responsibility and most importantly, teamwork. That’s why if you want to be successful on your way towards qualifying for a place at football’s biggest event in 2022, you should think about adopting these traits into your own work ethic. The final squad for that year will need a well-defined game plan and a sense of purpose if they have any hope of making it past their group stage.


Focus on your strengths

The biggest obstacle for most of Vietnam’s World Cup hopefuls is that they haven’t yet played in any FIFA-sanctioned matches. They must first be part of a team that plays in an official tournament, or A match, as they are called, which puts them on a country’s national team radar.


Adapt and be patient

If there’s one thing that Vietnamese football can be proud of, it’s how they’ve persevered through hardship and shown steady progress over time. So while they haven’t made it to a single final round of qualification yet, their recent surge has made them a promising dark horse in Asia—and since 1990, not one team has won without first having been there.


Do your research

While many countries are drawn in by a spot at football’s biggest competition, only one can make it out of Asia and into that coveted place. At present, both Iran and Australia have better odds at making it out of their respective groups. A spot at Qatar isn’t impossible for Vietnam, but they will need to work hard on and off-the-pitch to ensure their dream of standing on football’s biggest stage comes true.


Learn from those who have gone before you

The road to Qatar will be anything but easy for Vietnam’s football team. The country is ranked number 168 out of 209 by FIFA; there are 105 teams ahead of them in line. This would seem like an insurmountable challenge—until you look at history, that is.


Things don’t always go to plan

Enter, Vietnam. The country is set to host next year’s Asian Games and will be looking for a squad that can not only bring back gold from that competition but also qualify for its first ever appearance at a FIFA World Cup. If they can achieve those goals then they would have made history by making it to both world championships in just ten years since gaining independence from France.

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