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Experts say that the Migration of exchange servers for 2013 is on-trend. This is because some companies are now focusing on the Exchange Server 2019 version in place of the exchange server. Many organizations want to upgrade to Exchange Server 2019, and they want to migrate exchange mailboxes to Exchange Server 2019. Now, this is the right time that you should know the step-by-step process to manually migrate the Exchange Server 2013 mailbox to the new version of the Exchange Server.

Software page: Exchange Recovery

The top manual ways to Migrate Exchange server 2013 to Exchange server 2019.
· Export Exchange 2013 mailbox data to PST files.
· Use Exchange migration tools.
· Install & configure the new Exchange server.
· Import Outlook 2013 mailbox data from the PST file.
· Use Backup/Restore utility for E2E Migration of Exchange data.
· Export Mailbox data to Office 365 for migration purposes.
· Create a new outlook profile, Mailbox, and recover items from the old profile.

A lot of people want Exchange 2019 in their organization. For example, MAPI over HTTP and Outlook Mailbox Replication service (UMRS) allow faster synchronizing between on-premises Exchange organizations and cloud-based service providers, like Microsoft Office 365.

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